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Are you building a new home or office, renovating or adding an extension?

Then having an Intercom system installed throughout the home, can add value to your property and also provide comfort and security.

Whether it’s a basic Front door answering system, or a complete Integrated Intercom throughout an apartment block, we can design a system to suit your needs.

Careful consideration needs to be given to your home or office in the building stage, so that the appropriate cabling can be run before the walls are plastered.

Your Intercom system should be designed around your lifestyle. Some installations only require monitoring to the front door, such as small homes and units.

Other projects are much more comprehensive with stations in every room, monitoring of baby nursery and music piped throughout the home.

Video monitoring of the front door can also be combined with audio, you can also keep an eye on your children near the pool or backyard.


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Apartment Intercom

The apartment intercom is an audio entrance station that is equipped with an audio module for communication, a 10-key pad for direct digital dialing, and a vacuum fluorescent display for a greeting message, tenant names and numbers, and system status. Inside audio stations are directly connected to the door station so no outside phone line is required. Therefore it will never incur additional phone company charges.

The Audio Tenant Stations are equipped with a Talk, Door Release, and Service button, which could be used for applications like turning on a light while speaking with a visitor at the entrance. This feature requires the optional External Activation Relay seen in the Related Products and Accessories.

When a visitor arrives at the door they simply press the call button for the residence they want to call. They will hear a low-volume call tone from the entrance station. When a visitor calls, the tenant stations rings, and is answered by one touch of the Talk button. The tenant station is designed to be surface mounted, and has a slim, streamlined design.

When a tenant receives a call, they can press a door release button that will activate an electric door strike (not included with the system). The door release will only activate on the entrance station that is in communication with the tenant station. Depending on the electric door release system you use, the door release may only be active while the door release button is pressed.

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Wireless Intercoms

You'll find a wide variety of wireless intercoms on this page. The UWS WireFree System is a medium range system that can be battery or AC powered. All UWS WireFree devices work together. The MURS system is a long range system with a multitude of devices in VHF licensed and non-licensed two-way radio frequencies. All MURS devices work together in any combination when used in the non-licensed MURS frequencies. Similar commercial intercoms are available in FCC licensed UHF frequencies. Look for the product bulletins for both the MURS and WireFee systems for more information.

Video Intercoms

There's nothing quite like a video intercom system to add convenience and safety at your front door. You'll be able to see and hear who's at the front door without getting anywhere near it.

Doorbell Intercoms

A doorbell intercom is a system that enables you to receive “calls” from your front door. When someone arrives at an outside door, they press a button that alerts one or multiple inside stations and then the people inside the building can talk to them by pressing a button on an inside station.

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